C2 Southlake

Higher level education

Programs geared to individual student needs – whether in specific academic areas or in SAT preparation, C2 tailors curriculum that aims students for success.

C2 Southlake

Project Role:Design + Development

C2 Southlake had an auto-templated website made by the Go Daddy team and unless they paid fees they couldn’t update their site as often as they wanted nor on their own time. By designing and developing a new site sitting on the WordPress CMS, they would have the ability to customize nearly every aspect of their site for years to come. With a slight twist to their corporate colors and combining it with photography a clean, fresh website was created.

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Fully customizable

From limit to unlimited

Prior to this release of C2, the website was stuck to limited updates managed through GoDaddy's website tool. By putting the website on a CMS and giving it a new look we were able to raise the value of the brand.

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Interacting with students

Events and calendars

Part of interacting with students is doing so when they were not at the learning center. By using an events calendar students and parents are able to get test dates, school registration news, and other important information.

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Seasonal Change

Updating office hours and more

During the summer C2 Southlake is in a dead period where they’re not as active in tutoring students. Because of this, the need to create a seasonal set of office hours and notifications was given so that management could change the website as needs arise.

Diagnostic Test

In order to properly teach students with the best outcome in mind, a diagnostic test is taken to properly place the student

Benefits of the program

Programs are geared towards the individual student. As a result, average testing scores are higher and scholarship benefits open up

Events Calendar

Allowing students and parents to plan for testing dates such as the SAT and ACT is vital information

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