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A collaborative team with one vision in mind: Bring their clients’ visions to fruition and create an unforgettable experience through strong concepts, interiors, space design, and branding.

Coevál Studios

Project Role:Development

Doing everything from architecture and 3D modeling to web and print design this is the one stop shop for getting your starter business off the ground running. Unable to make updates manually and wanting a fresh face on their website the Coevál Studio team brought me their finished designs and had me put a CMS under it. Using WordPress, I was able to craft them an easy-to-update fully editable custom theme that fit their needs as they continue to grow their business.

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Category System

Isotope filtering

Using isotope.js to make a jigsaw puzzle out of project images creates a unique look and makes the amount of work feel very robust. This system was needed as there were a lot of different projects to display and some would cross-over with other projects.

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Talented Teammates

Picking the right people for the job

A wide variety of work goes into each project and each project is unique. It should go without saying then, that a team with a large skill set is required. Utilizing the team page to feature each team member and their skill sets allows potential clients to better know who is going to make their dreams come true.

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Especially Specilized

Services from concept to finished space

Coevál is a space design firm specializing in food and beverage, retail and hospitality. Being able to produce the path from concept to finished space entails a lot of different services. Coevál does it all— architecture & space design, interior design, branding & graphic design, and rendering.

Architecture & Space Design

A picture says a thousand words and implementing all of those photos called for a unique page navigation to cycle through each image.

Responsive Design

Networking was very important so being able to show off all of the studio's work while on the go was very important.

Unique Filtering

Each category needed to play nice with others while being distinct on its own. By using Isotope, each set of work could be different shapes and sizes while still fitting on the page.

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