Dragon Ball Z

Nostalgia goggles

The biggest and most historic anime series in the world – Nuff said. Never would I have dreamed getting to work on this project as a kid—but here I am. Let me cross this off my bucket list and tell you why this is a great franchise deserving of a great website.

Dragon Ball Z

Project Role:Design + Development

I grew up with Dragon Ball Z and still love this franchise – so getting to design and develop on it was a dream come true. Spanning well over 20 years of content I came on board at a time when the brand had grown stale. In order to get the blood pumping again, I was in charge of the initial redesign of the DBZ TV series site all the way up through its first theatrical release in nearly 20 years, Battle of Gods. I also played a supporting role with the latest movie Resurrection ‘F’.

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A wish raises the dead's image

A wish raises the dead

The first step of a new adventure

In early 2013 the Dragon Ball Z website hadn't been touched in nearly 5 years— and its age showed. The initial goal was to give the site a facelift using some new artwork commissioned by FUNimation for its new Blu-ray releases.

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Gods go to battle

A new stage is set, and it's theatrical

With the announcement of Battle of Gods—the first new content for the franchise in nearly 20 years— coming to the west the site went into a new phase of design. Taking aspects from Hollywood style releases, a custom page was created that would house all updates, news, and fan-extras as a year-long marketing campaign took off.

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From Zero to Hero

Revenge takes its final form

The Dragon Ball Z brand was back - and not only alive, it was thriving. With the second movie in two years to hit the west a decision was made to overhaul the whole website for the release. While this was a huge undertaking, I participated in a supporting role as I was involved in other projects and had to let my baby go into new hands.

A Theater near you

Most important thing about a limited release is helping your fans find and order tickets. This was done with a theater locator.

Hunting for approvals

Because DBZ is owned by an overseas licensor a major challenge to all iterations of the site was their approval.

Visionary & Builder

The DBZ website is thoroughly my baby going through several designs as the brand has been revitalized.

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