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Providing a scientific approach to digital marketing, leveraging our proprietary analytics and optimization platform to empower strategic, data-driven decision-making.

Echo Vantage

Project Role:Development

A simple one-page website that’s brought to the next level by a great design and correct user funneling methodology. Each of EchoVantage’s three core services leads the user through steps in order to sell its services and build up clientele. The website has a slick feel to it due to great iconography and design layout similar to material design before it was a thing. Together with a simple message and powerful digital tool, EchoVantage brings analytics to the next level.

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Expert Offerings

Show the consumer what they're getting

Dividing their product into three core categories enables the EchoVantage website to give clear-cut information to the user with sub-bullet points and a representational image to support the text

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Use of Iconography

Visualization of the product

Humans are visual creatures, so any instance where we can remove text in favor of an image will always enhance the experience. Combining this philosophy with text to back image up creates a synergy to drive users towards purchasing a product.

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Utilizing Color Theory

Bring importance to specific information

The color pallete for EchoVantage is quite small. By using blue and yellow, the user is pulled from one set of information to another. The high-contrast yellow causes users to stop at offerings while the blue color becomes a natural background color for secondary information.

A Simple Message

This website's content was contained to a single page. The information was short, concise, and captured the user.


Beautiful, unique typography gave EchoVantage an exclusive look.

Smart Icon Use

The smart choice of using basic icons helped push the site to another level by using images to enhance the text around it.

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