El Bolero Mexican

An Authentic Experience

El Bolero Mexican sits in the heart of Dallas, Texas and needed to get the word out for its opening. Surrounded by fake Tex-Mex, El Bolero only serves authentic Mexican and is a must-visit location if you’re in the area.

El Bolero Mexican

Project Role:Development + Partial Design

El Bolero refers to the shoe shiners that are visible across the streets of Mexico and symbolizes their effort to immerse guests into an aspect of Mexican culture. El Bolero is an authentic, regional Mexican concept that draws the inspiration for its food and beverage menu from the diverse regions of Mexico.  They use fresh, high-quality ingredients to create delicious made-from-scratch dishes that are inspired by recipes found across the vast and diverse locales of Mexico.

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Events & Catering

Let's reserve a celebration

A simple process for users to contact and set up reservations was an important feature for El Bolero to meet their customer needs. Doubling this process as a basic contact form got two birds with one stone to alleviate page bloat and stop user confusion if too many forms were present.

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Intuitive menu creation

Full customization and easy of use

If you're going to be displaying a large menu on a website you're going to want some sort of management system for it. Creating a set of repeating fields for each food item such as price, description, ingredients, etc. allowed for quick creation and simple editing.

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Feeling at home

Creating the experience

Using Hispanic themes, symbols, color palettes, and images the El Bolero website is able to create a unique experience for its users. Photography is used to excite, and great usability helps the site rise above the many other restaurant websites.

The needs of the cool crowd

Dallas is full of great restaurants everywhere you look. Any edge you can give yourself helps compete and a mobile responsive site does just that.

Displaying Important Information

With El Bolero, the phone number and address are on every page for a better user experience.

Customizable Menu Systems

A simple system is always the best system. With El Bolero, a basic repeating set of fields for each menu item was created to make it was easy as possible.

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