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FUNimation Films is the hub for all theatrical announcements and news for its properties. With movies like Ghost in the Shell, The Boy and the Beast, and Attack on Titan Live Action under its belt, it’s designed to be the best place for fans to find local theaters playing the anime movies they love.

FUNimation Films

Project Role:Front & Back-End Development

Coming off of the 2014 success of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Group 1200 Media launched its theatrical division appropriately titled FUNimation Films in December 2015. Group 1200 strives to deliver the best possible experience for its fans and the creation of the theatrical division is a key initiative to deliver on this promise. With the record-breaking release of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, Attack on Titan: Part 1 & 2 and the upcoming release of Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie, 2015 has already proved to be a successful launch for FUNimation Films. In the future, we look forward to continuing the enhancement of our fans experience by giving them the opportunity to enjoy premium anime and live action content in movie theaters with the company of friends and family.

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Slider Options

Start from scratch or use a movie

Image sliders for FUNimation Films needed to be robust enough to make announcements not related to a single movie, but obviously, be able to talk about theatrical dates. In order to do this, both movie post and normal slide post each shared meta tables to print information to the page.

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Smart pages

Changing automatically

Options such as how many links an image slide has or whether a content link is inbound, same page, or outbound all affect how a user explores a site. Built into the themes are a post that look for these options and edit page hooks accordingly.

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Flexible Content

Grow with the campaign

Working with a licensor, we never know how much content we're going to receive from them, and how much we'll have to create ourselves. In order to expand a movie page with its campaign, content needed to be flexible and grow as the theatrical run goes on.

Tickets on the go

Smartphones are a major part of our lives and FUNimation Films needed to cater by being responsive on every device

Fan Destination

While the site centers around movies, there are other features built into the site such as theater locators and vendor downloads

Scheduling movies

Date options are included to run movie campaigns on a starting date, between a set of two dates, or when to take it down

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