Group 1200 Media

The brand experience

Group 1200 Media is the parent company of several different entertainment studios and products that all serve a unique niche fanbase. In order to show this diverse nature, a unique experience was created for the website to make it an experience – not just an information gathering point.

Group 1200 Media

Project Role:Development

From anime and Asian live action to technology, all the way back around to gospel movies, each group represents two major sides of Group 1200 – their studios and products. Needing to serve both sides as equal was one of the challenges for this website which was solved by color coding them and keeping their sub-items on equal footing. With over 20 years of history behind them, the website needed to demonstrate their values and culture.

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Define content with color's image

Define content with color

Studios and products

By separating products and studios into two distinct colors, the user is able to clearly define which brand belongs to which group. Using color as a guide the user is educated naturally rather than being told directly so more focus can be put on each brand.

Video that tells a story's image

Video that tells a story

Enhance the experience

HTML5 videos have been around for a while, but are rarely used for anything more than a glorified splash page. With the Group 1200 website, we used these videos to give a voice to our company culture by using a girl who chews gum in the opening frame and then blows a bubble as a user explores the website.

Using CSS3 animations's image

Using CSS3 animations

Directing the user with purpose

As a user explores the Group 1200 website transitional animations are played on each frame so that the user is directed to read information with a purpose. For example, on the third business frame, a video embed is brought in last to draw the eye to it since it gives a huge overview of what Group 1200 is as a company.

Starting a winning tradition

This website relaunches Group 1200 along with its flagship brand, FUNimation, and will be a stepping stone to awards and accolades.

Sectioning the content

Each frame of the website has very specific information to help tell the story of Group 1200 and what the brand does along with its company culture.

Global Company

Part of a company website is getting to know who runs the place. Detailing company leadership in a cool way was just another way to set ourselves apart.

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