Monkey Sports

Sporting an Attitude

Utilizing the content management system, Magento, to build custom content and utilities such as geotargeting, customer reviews, and an overhaul of site styles to upgrade them for a modern era.

Monkey Sports

Project Role:Front-End Development

Monkey Sports is a fast growing company focusing on Hockey, Lacrosse, and Baseball sporting equipment. After moving its headquarters to Allen Texas, Monkey Sports is quickly becoming the go-to place for customized sporting apparel and gear. You won’t find the typical product that you see in big box stores, instead the focus is on gearing up the player to be the best equipped person in the arena.

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Mobile First

Concentrating on the user experience

Since mobile traffic is such a huge part of any e-commerce website; steps were taken to ensure that the user would have a clean experience no matter what device they used.

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Popup Modals

Variable content and mobile fun

The Safari mobile browser creates some unique problems such as when the user interacts with input fields. To alleviate this issue media queries were used to force a font-size fix and JavaScript to prevent the background content from scrolling.

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Customized Modules

Proper Templating in Magento

Magento, much like Wordpress, uses templitized parts to build a page. All of the custom modules I created and edited correctly used new assets to build upon the previous parts. So, when updates are made to the site, none of the work is overwritten or erased.


Using the MaxMind GeoIP2 HTML blocks are hooked into Magento's CMS to enable custom content depending where the user is located.

Custom Reviews

By customizing the the reviews module we were able to create custom content that mimics what users might find in the amazon shop.

Easier Checkout Process

The mobile layout of the checkout page was really awful when I got to it. When I was finished it was a great user experience.

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