Wolf Children

Meet this Wild Family

A movie from one of my favorite anime directors, Mamoru Hosoda, comes a story about a single mother trying to raise her two cubs. Wolf Children is a film aimed at family bonds that will bring a tear to your eye.

Wolf Children

Project Role:Design + Development

A movie about a single mother trying to raise two half human, half wolf children on her own is sure to get the water works flowing. While I loved this movie, deciding how to use artwork on it was a huge debate. When you have one and only one piece of character art to work off of, it’s time to get creative. Most of the conception for the site design came from the show’s tagline, “Love something wild”, and with that in mind, I went to work putting together the themes of the movie into its website.

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Phased Approach

The initial announcement

The first order of business was creating a splash page website to get the word out. To create hype around the movie's theatrical release several, select, theaters were confirmed.

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Theatrical Micro-site

Find and buy tickets

Phase 2 was the creation of a micro-site so users could find a theater near them and order tickets. Mid-way through the campaign, a new system was introduced where a new screening would take place if enough fans bought tickets. This allowed for a longer theatrical run than initially planned.

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Home video release

End of a long campaign

Phasing the theatrical website into a home video site was a switch in direction. No longer were we concerned about just selling tickets, but instead, we had to get fans excited about a home video release. Using a wide variety of extras, image galleries, and marketing points the campaign to bring Wolf Children home has begun.

Award winning

Wolf Children was an award-winning movie including the 2013 Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year

Limited Theatrical Run

Multiple phases contained in one giant marketing push to bring the movie to theaters and them to home video

Phased Approach

Multiple phases contained in one giant marketing push to bring the movie to theaters and them to home video

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